The war was over  in a chilly autumn in 1918. The king Kaiser was forced to abdicate his throne and deported away from the Germany. Socialists were celebrating their great victory against the thousand-year-long totalitarian kingdom, while Ebert, the leader of the Social Democratic Party(SDP), declared the establishment of the Weimar Republic Government — a brand new democracy for this aged country. As for the king, people  don’t really care about their old king even though he was always benevolent and he brought bread to his people and brought prosperity to his realm . “Take this old foolish guy to the dark cell !” Ebert laughed wickedly.

Figure 1: Image of Kaiser Wihelm II before he was arrested by Ebert

    The good time did not last as long as expected . People soon found out that the corrupt Weimar Government signed the Treaty of Versailles , which included humiliated terms like demanding huge amount of reparation and many territories from Germany . Ebert did it for his own interest, and obviously he didn’t consider people’s will. People were angery about the humiliation given by the Britain-France-America Allies, but they can desperately do nothing to this consequence . Immediately after the Treaty was signed, millions of people protested to show their demand of the return of their old king , who had brought Germany to its splendour. But Ebert would not ever allow this to happen. He imprisoned hundreds of Germans who against the government, and tortured them in the prison . “How dare those rogues disobey their supreme leader !”, Ebert said to the poor abdicated king, “you people were a bunch of livestocks , no wonder they wanted you to abdicate ”. “Beware the power of the people, You spiteful snitch!”Kaiser yelled. 

    Yes, the fury of the people was unstoppable. Thousands of them plotted a grand revolution in East Germany, but followed by the greatest repression ever in the history. The wicked Weimar Government had a powerful army, Ebert gathered his troops East to broom the rebellions. Hundreds of citizens died in the fierce battles while the number of soldier injures was ten times more than that, the army leader General Hindenburg was really unhappy about that situation and decided to report his complain to Ebert. “Mr Ebert , we really ought to negotiate peace with the royalists . Our army cannot bear this level of loss any more. We are losing this time! Just let the King come back as they have expected, but he is not gonna return to rule, we shall hold him as our hostage. ” , General Hindenburg tried to give his expostulation with very small noise. “Be careful, my general , you will be committed to treason if you dare mention that again! ” Ebert shouted to his general. Hindenburg knew he cannot convince this vile person standing in front of him. He turned back and left the chamber .

  “Kaiser Wilhelm the second of his name, I am going to release you from the cell and reclaim your right as our king. The new President was not capable of leading Great Germany .We shall not let this hateful coward ruin our country, but I demand an army to become the independent force within Germany after you wear the crown again ”Hindenburg spoke loudly to the old King, they were at somewhere in Holland where the king was imprisoned.  “I accept your term.” Kaiser replied with a smile on his face.

     Without the army support, Ebert’s force was defeated very quickly. The Kaiser soon ascended on the throne again and Hindenburg became the leader of the Independent Empire Army. Ebert was pulled up to the stage, “I , Kaiser Wilhelm the second , the protector the Germany Empire, sentence you to die !” The King went back to his seat, meanwhile Ebert was beheaded. “King of Germany! The king of Germany” the crowd was shouting. Ebert’s head fell over to the ground, “Beware the power of the people, ”Kaiser said to Ebert’s corpse , with a big joy on his face. Suddenly his smile was gone, “zee, zee” this is the sound of blood pouring out the body. “You never know what the power really is!”, Hindenburg laughed with a bloody knife in his hand.

  From now on, Germany fell to General Hindenburg, and had its new title—Germany The Third Reich.


Figure 1. Portrait of Kaiser Wilhelm II before World War I.Wikimedia Commons/Public domain. May 23, 2019 .https://nationalinterest.org/feature/donald-trump-no-kaiser-wilhelm-20448

Figure 2. Friedrich Ebert. 1924.Archiv für Kunst und Geschichte, Berlin. May 23, 2019.https://www.britannica.com/biography/Friedrich-Ebert/media/177590/10246

Figure 3. November 9, German Date of Fate May 23, 2019.https://deademperorssociety.com/2016/11/09/nov-9-german-date-of-fate-part-2-1918-the-abdication-of-the-kaiser/

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