“MISS” By: Aries Chen

Figure 1.  Several years have passed and now Norah and Langston meet once again on a snowy lake, with withered trees and gentle powdery snow surrounding them.

Chapter 1

  Once upon a time in the midst of the country, there is a giant castle in boundless mountains named Eloise Castle. Big numbers of green trees are surrounded the Eloise Castle. When spring comes, thousands of pink roses are in bloom. Here lives the big family who has a magic. They are not elves; people here looks like as the normal people everywhere. Everyone has only one ability that uses magic since they born in here.

            It was a summer, berries are held on trees, the sunshine falls directly to the trees, as it casts spotted shadow. Birds’ songs entangled, gentle breeze fresh people’s mind.

            “Wait! You ran too fast!” the boy shouted. He has a short blonde hair, wearing shorts and sweatshirt, tiredly puts his hands on knees and rest.

            “You need more exercises, Langston” laughed the girl. Her name is Norah, she was born in the Eloise Castle. Her supple hair jumps when she smiles towards Langston’s side. She sat down with Langston, her eyes were bending in a good looking angle, staring at the little boy.

            Langston refuse to admit it, he jabs, “I must be stronger than you after I join the army.” Norah didn’t catch that,” say that again? I didn’t hear that” Langston puts away the appearance and sweated profusely while looking at Norah seriously and speaking in a peaceful firm voice:” I said, I will join the army.” The sound of the world suddenly blank, but the voices soon returned.

            “But when? Will you come back?”Norah mumbled, she has lived and accompanied by Langston for several months. He is a boy who is not scared to her because of her magic.

            “I will come back on a regular basis. Don’t worry. We will always be friends.” The seven-year-old boy makes his promise.

Chapter 2

  The wind is howling like wolves, endless white snow covers the land. A group of people raising horses and stopped at the front gate of Eloise Castle. People walk out from the gate, and welcome them into the castle.

            “Now, tell me, how was the day in the army? Was it hard?” The young lady in red long fur coat asked. She ran her fingers through her long hair which were messed up by the wind.

            Langston find a rock and sat down. He tilted his head and took a sip of the wine and recounted in a low pitch voice:” It is snowy all the time. We practiced how to defend the military force from other countries. My sword skills have improved a lot, and my instructor would like to give me some tasks when spring comes.”

            He has grown a lot. Norah is in her deep thoughts. She looks at outside, the wind blows harshly, snowflakes dancing in the air wildly. It is out of tune with the warm scene inside. She listens to Langston gentle voice, and sips wine from time to time. Langston recovers himself from the story, says to Norah:”Girls should not drink too much wine.” He frowns. But then show interest,” Now, tell me about your magic power. What was the name? The Fee Seed?”

            “The Phoenix Seed,” Norah smiled. “It can bring the dead back to life. But it has to be implanted before people get hurt, and I can only use the seed once in my whole life.” Langston nodded his head to show that he understood it.

            “Have you thought about retirement?I mean……When you leave the army,” Norah asked. She looks at Langston’s deep blue eyes.

            Her eyes are so beautiful like stars blinking. Langston thought. Then he opened his mouth gently,” I want to marry my love, and… maybe I can talk about it when one day I have to retire.” Langston stopped, and he looked back to Norah.

            Norah was a little disappointment, but then she gave a smile then.

            Langston move his lips a little bit, which did not make any sound. He looked at the girl next to him and suddenly thought of the future with her. “When my tasks are finished, I will marry you and accompany you with the rest of our lives.” He thought, as if he had clenched his fist again, and looked up at the white hills and the mountain passes.

            “Keep this.” Norah pulled the jadeite from her dress,” Look at this pendant when you miss me.”

Chapter 3

            It is the end of the spring now. Flowers are in full bloom, birds are in pairs and gentle breeze travels along the mountains. Colorful scene doesn’t mean a wonderful life.

            “Stop! You have no roads now.” Langston standing in front of Norah. His sword towards Norah, the sword hand trembled slightly

            “I still have a road……it determined by the people who block the road.” Norah gasps, but then shows a smile to Langston. Her eyes are as beautiful as before.

            “You have not yet repented!” shouted Langston. His face turns red. He couldn’t believe the girl is his final task.

            “If I said is not the truth, then can you believe me?” Norah looking straight forward into the man’s eyes, wind blows her long blonde hair, her green dress performed her like the fairy.

            Langston sighed, then saying in quavers,” You worked for Millany. How many lives are in your hands? You are now full of others blood!” The words seemed to take all his power away, the sword is tremoring. “ I do believe what you said, but I have to account for the death of innocent lives.”

            There’s no more smile on Norah’s face. Her face turns pale, green leaves and red petals lose their colors at the moment. The breeze is so harsh that brings her shiveringd. ”Huh…Fine. Kill me. Then quell the public indignation.” Norah closed her eyes, the stars disappeared.


            The cold body of the sword brushed against Nora’s metal decoration on her dress.

            Langston finally inserted the sword into Norah’s body. Red colored liquid is seeping out and contaminated her skin. He embraced Norah and knelt down, “ I know you have the Phoenix Seed, when you wake up again, I’ll marry you, we can have a secret life in happiness.” He mumbled, try to take a few deep breaths to calm down.

            “ I have no Phoenix Seed now……“ Norah answered. It is very hard for her to say a word now. Her lips are paper-like pale.

            “What, what did you say?” stuttered Langston. His pupil contracts suddenly.

            Norah tries to smile, but she has no strength to do that.

            “If……you were…… me, who…… would you like……to implant……the Phoenix Seed? And guess……who did……I implanted……the seed?”

            The world turns blank.

Chapter 4

            One year later, Milany’s army surrendered, Langston stands still at the front gate of Eloise Castle. The door is now rusty, the laughter in his childhood memory will not appear again in his life.

            He turns her face, does not look at the door. Mountains are no more green, wars made messes out of it. He closes eyes in pain, Una’s voice reappeared in his mind.

           “Five years ago, Milany used violence to conquer the Eloise Castle. I left Norah in Milany’s army as a spy. All of us want to kill Milany, and go back to Eloise Castle again. Norah’s power means she has a second life, to avoid accident……That day when we were fighting the last war with Milany, you came back from death……”

            Langston bitterly opens his eyes again, look at the jade pendant. It is white and chaste, like his girl, have all the good things in the world.

            But now He loose her. He misses her. However, the pendant is the only thing she left him.


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